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In speaking of Greenup the site of Greenup is intended, as that city was not in existence until To the west of Charleston the road followed what is known today as the "old road" to Mattoon, passing the present Monroe School, and continuing south of Nees, past Wabash Point Wabash School today and leaving the County in section 31 of Town 12 N, Range 7 E. A sensible person would not have started a long journey with such a team unless he had another team to help it through the worst places.

He had had about enough of the hilly acres and the all-pervading forest.

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Inthe Granger family moved from Vermont to upstate New York, where after a brief period at an academy Stephen Douglass began to read law under a locally prominent Democratic attorney. InCamp Douglas, a Union military prison, was established at the northern end of the Oakenwald property; it housed more than 26, wv Confederate soldiers, of which 6, died. Cited hereafter as Linder. Clarence W.

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Cited hereafter as Atkinson. It was the West half of the Northeast quarter of section 25, town 12 N.

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At that time he told me no stories and perpetrated no jokes. In Lerna Weekly Eagle, clipping, no date, in scrapbook of Mr.

The first legal controversy in Coles County involving the Thomas Lincoln family of which the writer has seen a record occurred while the family was living at Buck Grove. The Lerna Weekly Eagle was published by Mr. Lincoln charged that Douglas was part of a slavery "dynasty" seeking to promote the spread of slavery over the entire nation.

Walton Alexander of Charleston, Illinois. This would have been shortly before the session of the legislature which opened on December 7, Probably they paused for a short visit. This freinvs in Captain Jacob M.

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Inhe lost a disputed race for the U. He brings the party west from Richwoods, which means that they entered the county near the site of Westfield. The exact location of the Radley cabin is uncertain although it was in the general neighborhood of the Paradise settlement. Chapman, despite that fact that a party crossing Coles County from east to west, with a northwesterly objective after leaving the County, could not touch both places without a time-consuming detour.

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Subseries 1, Autobiography, contain a single item, an autobiographical manuscript by Douglas. This, however, is unlikely, as it would have involved additional driving for an hour and a half, at least, for those of the party going ahead to the Sawyers.

He had first attempted to gain the Democratic nomination for president in After leaving the Sawyer cabin near Wabash Point on the morning of March 12, the party headed in the direction of Nelson and Sullivan. Chapman was 86 years old at the time of iu statement. Hannah, daughter of Christopher Bush, m. Lamon, p. Fifteen miles a day was the average for the entire trip.

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Breckinridge of Kentucky as their candidate. Adolph Sumerlin, publisher of the Lerna Weekly Eagle until his death indeserves a major part of the credit for the location and marking of the Coles County section of the Lincoln National Memorial Highway.

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The accompanying map shows the highway as marked. Rodgers of Pleasant Grove Township.

Mason in article in undated and unnamed newspaper clipping, aboutin scrapbook belonging to Feeinds. Needham is described as the champion wrestler of Cumberland County, which was not created untiland the match is described as taking place on the Embarrass River rather than at Wabash Point.

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It ssome unlikely that he was in the county during the building of any of the other Lincoln houses. Probably not, as they arrived about July first, and Thomas Lincoln had been in the neighborhood for nearly two months. Chapman, husband of Mrs. The writer has seen no record of the final disposition of the case.

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Senate and the presidency and date from to Inat the age of twenty-seven, he was elected to a seat on the Illinois Supreme Court. The quarter sec- tion in which this 40 acres is located remained public land until December 27, and January 21,when lots one and b, respectively, of the NE14 of Sect.

Need some freinds wf isu bm

Douglas was able to win the presidential nomination from the remaining northern delegates, but the breakaway Democrats turned to John C.

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