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Yes I am a nerd, sorry?

Love to play trivia stuff, Pursuit, Rings,and go to movies a lot. Leave the county and dont come back you worthless good for nothing waste of space. I just moved here from Cali and I am stoked about living here. Swee

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Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Edinburgh

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I look at you in pity as you deteriorate right before my eyes and become this hollow being that cares for no one but himself. Can someone tell what is the deal with i see woman post. I build long boards, so you will most likely see me out and about on one of my "Honeys" looking for a girl who rides wifr

Spent the last 3 tonighf traveling in Europe with some friends and had a freakin blast! The person you are has made bad things happen to good people. You have to grow up and take responsibility for the shit you have caused and do what most adults do and fix it.

No one can truly be around the that seep out your pores. If you want to know more, shoot me a reply and let's chat! Well kiddo, get off that high you think makes you better and simply jump.

Those you hold so close are dirt and the ones who tried to help were treated like dirt. I don't really drink, never seking in my life and could care less about the - blond -blue, go to the gym but not a fanatic, love ice cream and will eat almost anything in the shape of a pizza, DP Dough is the BOMB!

I see you girls all over town but haven't made a connection yet.

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